All information contained on this website is correct at the time of publishing, terms, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We shall not be liable for misinterpretations of the terms outlined below, for a copy of our full terms and conditions please contact our Customer Service team.


All new and refurbished pallets, fixtures and spares carry a full 12 Months return to base warranty.

Every single pallet, fixture and spare part undergoes a full quality and tolerances check before being put into stock.

For medium to large orders of pallets, we will always send you a sample of the batch you will purchase first, to be tested on your own machines.

Nevertheless, should you experience any problems up to 12 months of the invoice date then please contact our Customer Service, we are happy to help.

Electronic spares are tested before shipping and the warranty they carry is explicitly stated on all quotations.

The majority of our spares can be fully tested, however, a small minority can either be tested only partially or not at all. Information on the level of testing that can be carried out on an individual part is available upon request.

Unless stated otherwise all products are guaranteed against defects by our return to base warranty (subject to normal storage, handling and installation conditions), the length of which is specified before purchase. For any manufacturing faults arising within the period stated on the quotation, pallets, fixtures and spares can be returned for a free replacement or repair.

Our liability shall be limited to replacing or repairing any defective products, at our choice and only to our customer. If the defective product has to be scrapped and there is no possibility of supplying a replacement, we will refund you an amount equal to the sum you originally paid.

In no event shall we be liable for any damages except actual damages up to, but not exceeding, the amount paid to us. We shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect damages or loss of profits.

Should the length of the warranty be accidentally omitted in quotations and not appear in proforma invoices or other documents (including emails) related to the purchase, the valid warranty period shall be as follows:

Items sold as new: 12 months from the invoice date.

Items sold as second hand: 6 months from the invoice date.


When making an order, the Customer shall rely solely on his/her own judgement.

If we provide you with advice of any kind (for example of a technical nature or in regards to logistics), we do so on a voluntary basis and do not accept responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information or assume any duty of care in relation to it.


Service Exchanges can be offered if you are able to return to us a faulty but repairable part within 10 working days.

Before confirming your order, we will try to establish whether your exchange part is not too badly damaged and eligible for a Service Exchange. You must supply us with reliable information when we do so.

If the part you send back to us is not repairable, despite having answered accurately and honestly to our preliminary questions, we will charge the difference between the Service Exchange price and the outright sale price.

Once you order a part in Service Exchange, you commit yourself to sending us back your faulty part within the relevant time frame. If you purchase a Service Exchange but subsequently decide not to send us the faulty part back without our written consent, we will charge you for whatever cost we had to undertake to acquire another unit to put into stock, with a limit of the current manufacturer list price if the item is still in production.

If, upon receipt of your faulty exchange part, we conclude that you had given us misleading information as to its condition at the time of placing the order, we may, at our sole discretion, charge you for whatever cost we had to undertake to acquire another unit to put into stock.

We can only accept in Service Exchange, parts that have the same part number as the one being sold. We may, however, at our sole discretion, accept on occasion items with a different part number, but you must obtain our prior written consent.


If we receive no complaints from you regarding the items you purchased within 7 days of receipt, we will assume you have received them free of defect.

If you do have a complaint with any of the items delivered, you must notify us within 7 days of receipt and ship them back in their original condition with all packaging, documentation and without delay and at your expense, as soon as their return is authorised by us.

Upon receipt of the returned goods, we shall inspect them to qualify the complaint.

If one or more of the parts suffers from manufacturing faults, we will repair or replace them at our choice. If neither of these options is available, we will issue you with a refund.

If the goods were damaged in transit and the damage is visible on delivery, you should sign the delivery as damaged. If you don’t notify the carrier at the time of delivery we shall not accept responsibility or liability for the damage.

You must refuse delivery for any items cancelled while in transit or ship them back at your expense in their original condition as soon as they arrive.


Pallets and fixtures

If you wish to cancel your order, you will not be charged as long as nothing has been shipped and no items have been made to order.

Whether any of the items required must be made to order may be specified on the quotation, however it is up to you to verify.

You shall be liable to pay full price for any pallets or fixtures that have been produced for you, up to our receipt of your decision to cancel.

If the pallets were in stock but had already been shipped at the time of cancellation, you only will be charged a 25% restocking fee, but you must ship them back to us as soon as you receive them and must not open the packaging.

This applies to both items that are shipped from the manufacturing facility and those shipped from a warehouse.

Electronic Spares

If you wish to cancel an order for electronic spares you will not be charged anything if:

    1. The part is in our stock and we have not shipped it.
    2. The part is in a supplier’s stock and they have not shipped it.

Otherwise, if either the supplier has shipped the part to us or we have shipped the part to you, you shall be charged a restocking fee between 25% and 30%.